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This can be one of the most infuriating situations to be found in, mainly because it's probably been warning you for the last couple of months, but you've done nothing about it. And now, guess what? It's coming back to bite you. That may not always be the case. ​Naturally, any vehicle issue can arise suddenly and catch us by surprise, in which case we are not the ones to be blamed. In either situation, you need a reliable roadside assistance company that can get out to you quickly and have your battery started, so you can get back on the road, making sure you schedule an immediate appointment to get that checked. 

Battery being jump-started

When might I need a jump start?

Sure, replacing a battery can be an expensive fix that we often put off for another day rather than biting the bullet. At a time when people are pressed to work harder and harder for what seems to be less money with everything else going up in price, and with many people even losing employment because of life events and extraordinary phenomena such as pandemics, it's only natural that we delay large expenditures such as a new car battery for another day. At Boynton Beach Towing Pros, we realize that, and that's why we offer some of the most reasonable prices on the market.

There are a number of reasons why you may need a battery jump start. Perhaps more common in colder climates such as the northeastern US, a dead battery is a fairly common occurrence that can be related to alternator issues, starter issues, faulty wiring, or just an old battery. Sure, you managed to get the car started in the morning and it got you to where you needed to go, say the office.

Call your professional jump-start service

But let's assume you work late, and you come to get in your car and the battery won't start, no matter how many times you try. Now of course, you know that the more you try, the more you are depleting any remaining energy the battery has left, so it's a downward spiral from here. And, because you work late, there's nobody else around that might be able to give you a jump start. It's dark, you're in a parking lot by the office, you want to get home, and more importantly at this moment you feel unsafe.

That's where we come in. Call Boynton Beach Towing Pros right away and we will be on site as soon as we possibly can to get your battery started so you can get home or to where you can get the vehicle fixed and back up and running. Don't hesitate, call us today!