Boynton Beach's Tow Truck Professionals


Boynton Beach Towing Pros is a highly specialized towing and hauling company that focuses on handling the most difficult situations that can arise when we least expect or need them in a way that resolves our customer's issues so that they can at least go about their day with the peace of mind that it's being taken care of. We offer a variety of vehicle rescue services, such as towing, roadside assistance, flat tire repair, battery jump starts, and more. But what about when your day takes a turn for the much worse? If you're driving 60 mph on the highway and about to approach your exit, so you decide to change lanes - following the correct maneuvering procedures you were taught in driving school - and some irresponsible driver decides to cut you off, often there simply isn't enough time to respond in a manner that you can get to a safe position and continue driving.

Car smashed after an acident

When would you need Boynton Beach Towing Pros' wrecker service?

In the worst of times, what eventually happens can seem out of our hands and left up to destiny itself. Whatever the outcome, if your vehicle happens to be wrecked, totaled, written off, and rendered unusably, Boynton Beach Towing Pros can be on-site quickly to get that taken care of, have your vehicle loaded onto one of our trucks and hauled away to where it needs to go whether that be a junkyard, mechanic shop (if salvageable) or elsewhere.

Our wrecker trucks are built to handle even the most difficult situations. We've seen cases where passenger vehicles have had the entire front end crumpled in, rendering the front axle and the engine completely useless, and yet we've still been able to load it onto our truck and haul it away to be scrapped. 

Call your reliable local towing and wrecker service

We hope and pray that your day goes well, always. However, if fate or destiny has it that you are in such an unfortunate situation, we will be here to help with the cleanup. Call Boynton Beach Towing Pros today, and we will get your wrecked vehicle taken care of.

​Likewise, if you are not the unfortunate one, yet one of your loved ones, such as a friend or family member, is in such a situation, you know exactly who you can call. In fact, it is a good idea to make sure all of your loved ones have our number in case such an eventuality arises. You need to know you can get back up and running as soon as possible and in the least dramatic, damaging, and expensive way.​

Law enforcement

We work with many different law enforcement agencies to help with accident cleanup. If you are looking for a wrecked vehicle to be removed as quickly as possible so that you can get traffic flowing again, call us immediately and we will be out as soon as possible to remove the blockage and get things running, no matter what condition the vehicle is in. While some damage to the road surface may be inevitable, we will do everything in our power to make sure it receives the least damage possible as we load the wrecked vehicle onto our truck. Call Boynton Beach Towing Pros today so we can get your traffic flowing again.